Our Boats

Our fleet is composed of two boats different in capacity, suitable for short routes and long-lasting tours. When you are booking, remember to specify what kind of service you need and do not forget to indicate how many people will travel. Our appointee will show you what suit you.

Airone II

Regardless its small dimensions, Airone II is a spacious and comfortable boat.

Suitable for short transportation, but also long-lasting tours, this powerboat is preferred by small groups and families.

Maximum capacity 50 pax.

Sebastiano Venier

Refined and comfortable, this wooden boat (lately renovated) is suitable for long trasportation from the suburbs to the city center, but also for tours, conventions and weddings.

Maximum capacity 100 pax.

Our staff

Our staff is composed of skilled and qualified people, helpful, accomodating and careful with your needs.