Our fleet

The fleet of our consortium is made up of different boats of different sizes,

suitable for both short transfers and tours of several hours.

Modern boats, comfortable and able to offer an

immersive experience in the wonders of the Venice lagoon.

Airone II

Airone II is a small boat, but spacious and comfortable.

Suitable for fast transfers, but also for island tours and excursions, this motorboat is especially requested by small groups and families.

Maximum capacity: 50 passengers

Sebastiano Venier

Elegant and comfortable, this wooden boat (recently refurbished) lends itself to long transfers from the mainland to the city center, but also to scenic tours to the islands, transfers for congresses and arrangements for weddings.

Maximum capacity: 100 passengers


It is a boat with a classic and elegant line. Small in size, it is suitable for fast transfers, but also for island tours.
Suitable for small private groups.

Maximum capacity: 40 passengers


It is a real comfortable and spacious boat able to accommodate large groups.

Maximum capacity: 100 passengers


Consorzio Vidali Group employs highly qualified personnel, attentive to customer needs.